The SEO Process

Important Aspects of SEO

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Important Aspects in the SEO process

Before you decide to spend thousands of dollars on an SEO project, you really need to know what you are getting for your money. Our SEO strategy involves real bona fide methods and leaves out the tricks or what is termed “Black Hat SEO techniques’ to fool the search engines in ranking your website higher. These tricks may work in the short term, but can result in your website being banned, your brand being tarnished and ultimately affecting your sales. Others may offer quick rankings, but you need to ask yourself, “Is it worth it if it will damage your business in the long run?”

We don’t believe that, so we do everything the right way! You can have a well-designed,  easy to use, customer friendly website as well as gaining rankings in the search engines. They aren’t mutually exclusive and we understand the principles of how to do this to help your business grow on the web.

To give you a better idea of how SEO can help your business, please see below which outlines the process involved in an SEO campaign.

Our Search Engine Optimisation process can be described by the following steps.


Our initial step. From a thorough website analysis we will identify whether your website is SEO friendly or not. We look at its current status in the search engines, is your site being indexed, what links do you have already, is your site healthy, how is the design and the content, are there any issues which are working against you ranking, is your site user friendly etc. Once this step is done we can determine what your site needs to increase its ranking and what we need to do to help you get this done. We can then provide you with a SEO proposal.


Keywords Key for SEOKeyword analysis also known as keyword research, utilizes a variety of search engine and competitor data to determine which search words and phrases are most likely to bring the greatest ROI for your website. We also determine which phrases we can more easily target now and those that we can target later. Some phrases are so competitive that until you have a page with great authority (which is what Google and the search engines use to decide if they should ‘trust’ your site) you are wasting time and money ignoring easier to rank for keywords. We will involve you in this as you are key in helping us understand your customers and target market.



One of the easiest ways to gain ideas on how to increase your websites ranking is to look at those already ranking on the first page of Google. What are they doing well? What are they doing poorly that we can improve on? What are they missing? What keywords are they using? What is their traffic like? Where are their links coming from? Good competitive analysis helps determine how much work needs to be done to get to the same position as your competitors and be on the first page of Google. This all depends on the competitiveness of the keywords/industry and sometimes it is easier than others.


We believe that search engine optimisation has gone through many different changes over time and many new techniques to achieve better rankings have come and gone. But on page optimisation has remained fairly static and has always been instrumental in increasing the ranking of a website.

Many SEO companies will tell you that keyword rich content will help your site rank for those phrases. This isn’t entirely true and in fact a high keyword density can actually harm your rankings by making your website appear like spam. There is a healthy balance between using your keywords and over using them. Our on page optimisation includes; ensuring your content is written correctly so that your customers will benefit from it as well as search engines, including well written title tags, meta descriptions, headings and sub headings, correct navigation, correct file names, addition

of Google Analytics, images, sitemaps etc.

Benefits of our on page optimisation:

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SEO Criticals

• It is long term and does not need to be altered (in most cases), with the exception of adding new content.
• An easy and cost effective way to rank higher (depending on the keywords a well-organised web site can help you rank higher).
• On page optimisation if done from the design stage of a website can be very fruitful and will not need redesigning
• It will increase web visibility with targeted keywords
• It will ensure reader usability ensuring your customers read your page and don’t find it too difficult to use and simply click the back button.


Off page optimisation is the most important phase of the Search Engine optimisation process. Off Page optimisation ensures that your website has better web visibility compared to your competitors.

Natural off page optimisation gives you the chance to not only gain quality internet traffic, but also help to generate quality back links that are relevant. Our off page optimisation process is completely manual and includes link building, directory submission, blog commenting, forum submissions, article submissions etc, depending on your industry and requirements. Not all SEO companies take the same stance on link building. Many will give you a number, ie 100 for a particular package but the overall number of links isn’t what matters, it’s the quality of the links that point to your website that does. 100 links from spam sites is not the same as a few links from quality sites that the search engines already have high trust in. We work on getting the links that matter. Not links for the sake of links as many other SEO companies do. This will bring a more stable, more long term strategy to keep your website ranking, compared to the quick short term benefits a mass link strategy brings (if it doesn’t get your site penalised as well).


We provide you with ongoing reports of the progress of your SEO campaign as well as monthly reports which tells you where your website rank/position is in a search engine for your selected key phases as well as traffic data coming into your website from those phrases.


We believe that good website maintenance is critical in an ongoing SEO campaign. The benefits of having a well maintained website are numerous. These include:

• Potential for higher rankings across the major search engines.
• Sustained placement of your ranking (neglected websites can/will overtime lose their ranking).
• More visitors coming to your website.
• More repeat visitors to your website.
• Gaining of further links to your website, increasing your trust and more chance of you becoming a trusted source in the search engine (once you have trust, unless you abuse it, it is hard to go away).

Undertaking a maintenance plan on your website not only helps bring in traffic, but it also let’s your customers know that you are open for business. It shows that your website is being updated, is current and still worth reading. If somebody was to list all of the benefits that you get from making sure you keep your website well maintained then you’d probably feel it was too good to be true. But surprisingly, few website owners appear to be taking advantage of these simple realities.

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